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I'm going to take a guess that if you are using Venmo you are most likely under 30 years old and this may be the first time you've considered contributing to a candidate or cause. Here are some basic rules for donations from the Federal Election Commission just to make you aware.

Link to Rules

  • A minor (under 18 yrs old) may contribute if using your own money. See rules link above if necessary.
  • No donations are allowed over $,2700 for an individual.
  • If you donate over $50, you need to provide your name and address.
  • If you donate over $200, you need to provide your occupation and employer as well, if you have them.

Rules aside, I'm only looking for a symbolic donation from young adults. $1 or $2 if you are in school and scraping to get gas money. If you're in the workforce and can afford a little more that would be awesome. Bottom line, the donation is meant to be symbolic especially if you can't get involved in other ways. Oh, so what will your $2 support. It's enough to pay for a yard sign. If you'd like one in your yard, click on the "volunteer opportunities" button below to see how to get one.

Here's the Venmo account and thanks for the support. Let's own our future.


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First, thanks for considering a donation. With PayPal you can pay with a credit or debit card or use your PayPal balance. My #1 expense in this first campaign for the MD primary is signs. I'm treating it like an investment and I plan to use them in future election cycles as well. So any financial help now is not tossed away. This said, I'd ask that you give a little more than you might otherwise be comfortable with. My mission in Washington is to be a representative of the majority voices in this district and to provide leadership on issues that will impact the future of our next generation.

Every Dollar Counts

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

Welcome to money in the 21st Century. It might surprise some reading this that my #1 form of donations in this campaign so far has been in Bitcoin. As a tech entrepreneur it's no surprise to me. If you've had the good fortune of the cryptocurrency appreciation or just want to use it in a cool way like donating to my campaign, that would be excellent. Use the code below to send payment. If you didn't read from above, the limit is $2,700 for an individual and over $50 requires that I get more info from you to submit to the Federal Election Commission. Thanks for the support and embracing the next generation of money.

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Want to learn more about Cryptocurrency?

One of my friends has been blogging about Bitcoin for a few years now. Learn more at Quora - Ellery Davies

Cash, Check or Stuff


Cash will only be accepted at certain events where my Treasurer Bill Derose is present to record your information and provide a receipt. Sorry, campaign rules are sensitive about this stuff as well they should be.

Mail a Check

Erik Lane for Congress
PO Box 373
Jarrettsville, MD 21084

Please know the limit is $2,700 and if you provide an amount greater than $50 I will need your name and mailing address, over $200 we will need your occupation and employer.

In Kind Donations

If you are somehow compelled to donate something say for the purpose of a fundraiser or raffle or similar, the same rules apply as though it were a check or other cash donation.

There are some incidental use services that don't require documentation. For example, allowing us to use a PA system for an event would be considered incidental. We will advise you when appropriate.

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