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Volunteer Philosophy

I've been a very active volunteer my whole life, from planting trees and newspaper recycling drives as a Cub Scout to running a large soccer program for over a decade. I find volunteering gives us purpose, engages our community and gives us that great sense that individuals can still make a difference.

For this campaign, I'm going to keep it simple. If you are a social being, help me spread the word. If you are a hands on worker we have a sign operation to grow, let's do it. If you like to manage or have a skill or capability that might help the cause, share your thoughts and let's engage. I'll share some ideas below.

Schedule An Event

I'd like to share my ideas and listen to yours. If you have a neighborhood association meeting, a PTA meeting, heck, a big family reunion where having me swing by to say a few words makes sense I'm happy to do it if it fits in my schedule. I'll even do a Facetime chat remotely. Use this form below to propose the idea.

Attend An Event

I'll publish all my planned public appearances. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

How Can You Help?

Networkers - If you are a social being and love to communicate and share, we're going to have some fun. This is a campaign where things are happening and we believe we can make a difference. Phone calls, events, fundraisers, social media. Let's make some news.

Builders - Maybe your a behind-the-scenes "get it done" volunteer. I'll need folks to help with my sign operation. The networkers will submit the locations and points of contact and we'll make the signs and get them set up and maintained and taken down when it's all over. Sign building will happen in Northern Harford County but distribution and set up will happen throughout the district.

Voter Registration Distributor - One of the most undervalued rights as an American is our right to vote. Whether someone just turned 18 or maybe just moved to the area, to exercise that right you must register to vote 21 days before the election. As a voter registration distributor you can engage Maryland residents and even submit registration forms on their behalf. Let's get the word out and see that everyone gets a chance to vote.

Electioneers - April 28, 2020 is Primary Election Day in Maryland and we have many early voting locations also available. We need to build small teams for each location to share the vision and enthusiasm for this campaign.

What i offer?

A Vision for a Better Future

I call it the American Reformation. We can return to some traditional values while embracing the race ahead.

A History of Good Faith Negotiating

I've spent my life building solutions and bridging gaps of understanding in business and our community.

Unparalleled Energy

God blessed me with uncommon drive and ability and I want to use it for you.

Active Communication and Transparency

I've architected systems used at the White House, Pentagon and Capital used for getting information to the American people.

Ability to Understand Complex Issues

From technically complex to emotionally charged, I've spent my life listening first, learning next and driving needed solutions.


Perhaps most import. I will care until I die about everyone on this planet. Let's realize our potential as a country.

Let's Work together

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1734 Jerrys Rd
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